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In June, we can all make the most of the lovely long evenings and spend even more time outdoors and on our allotments. Hopefully there are also a spare few minutes available to sit and read this bumper newsletter edition.

Read on for details of the the exciting new NAS website, a survey from Northumbria University requiring your input, an update on hedgerow management regulations and a lot more!


Launch of new NAS website

The National Allotment Society is delighted to announce the launch of it's newly revamped website, with a modern, user-friendly design. It has been created to better serve its members and the wider allotment community. 

With a fresh look and a host of new features, the new NAS website aims to provide an enhanced user experience, improved accessibility and a wealth of resources for gardening enthusiasts. 

Key features and benefits include:

* Enhanced Member Portal ~ easily accessible members area

* Comprehensive Resource Library ~ a wide range of articles, guides and videos

* Community Forum - where members can share tips and ask questions

* Event Calendar ~ keeping members informed of upcoming NAS events

* Plus Help Guides, Initial Legal Advice and Exclusive Discounts

The launch of our new website marks a significant milestone in the society's ongoing efforts to support and promote allotment gardening across the UK.

Please visit our new website and let us know what you think.


Survey - Request for Participants

Northumbria University and Anglia Ruskin University are pursuing collaborative networks with the National Allotment Society to study the biodiversity, chemical composition and physical characteristics of allotment soils (essentially who and what is present in the soil within your allotment), to showcase the significant roles allotments play as urban biodiversity hotspots.

They need you!

In order to gather information, regarding the management practices used across UK allotment soils, they need to find willing members who agree to soil sampling and surveys of their plots.

If you are able and willing to provide the relevant information, please complete their online survey, accessible via the QR code above.


Our regional team will be on Stand HC 461 at the Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival, from 2nd - 7th July 2024.  The NAS stand is within the RHS Allotments area near the Ditton Gate entry. 

This prestigious event in the gardening calendar promises amazing garden designs, gorgeous floral displays and exclusive shopping.

Our expert team will be promoting the many benefits of allotment gardening and will be ready to answer your allotment questions.  They are looking forward to meeting with you at this wonderful show.


Cutting and Trimming Hedges

New regulations came into force on the 23rd May 2024 regarding hedgerow management. These new rules apply to any hedgerow that is more than 20 metres long in length with gaps of less than 20 metres in length, or hedges that are shorter in length but meets another hedgerow at each end.

If these rules apply to any hedges on your allotment site you / the committee / the landowner cannot cut or trim the hedges between 1st March to 31st August in each year or cause / permit another person to do so. 

Here are some details of the exemptions to the rule:

Public and private rights of way

If the hedge is overhanging into a highway that is obstructing a public or private right of way, or due to the condition of the hedge it is likely to fall into the highway, the relevant part of the hedge can be cut.

Hedge laying and coppicing

Cutting and trimming may be permitted where hedge laying or coppicing takes place between 1st March to 30th April. Trimming a newly laid hedge by hand, within 6 months of being laid, may also be permitted.

Boundaries of a private garden

If the hedgerow lies within the boundary of a neighbouring residence then both sides of the hedge may still be cut or trimmed.

Risks to plant, human or animal health

You must prevent any serious harm coming to plant health. You must also prevent risks to human or animal health and safety.

Weed or pest infestations

Hedgerows can be cut as part of treating serious pest or weed infestations.

Work required by a statutory body

If work is being carried out by a statutory body, acting under statutory powers (such as a utility company), then it may be permissible to cut or trim a hedge if necessary.

If you need to cut or trim a hedge under these exemptions, then you do not need to register this with the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) who are the enforcement body for these new rules.  However, you must keep a record of any works conducted under any of these exemptions.

It is also possible to apply for written permission (a derogation) for an exemption to the rules. To do so, you will need to email or write to the RPA with an explanation of what you want to do and include any supporting evidence, such as photographs.

For any further information on the rules, the exemptions or applying for a derogation, visit the link below.


National Allotment Society AGM

Our annual AGM took place on June 8th in Sheffield. The event saw an enthusiastic gathering of members from across the country, all united by their passion for allotments and gardening.

 We were honoured to have Dr Kate Randell and Sarah Owen-Hughes as our keynote speakers and we enjoyed a number of discussions on sustainable gardening practices, allotment management and community engagement.

The AGM was a remarkable opportunity for members to connect, share ideas and celebrate our collective achievements. The vibrant participation and constructive discussions have set a positive tone for the year ahead.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all attendees, speakers, partners and volunteers who contributed to making this AGM a resounding success.


Promotional help in advance of NAW

What are you plotting and planning for National Allotments Week?

This year, why not share the joy of your allotments by hosting an allotment open day, connecting with your local community and spreading the word about the many wonderful benefits of allotments?

To help you promote your event, however small or large, we have created a downloadable Promotional Tool Kit with tips, poster templates, social media graphics, digital banners, a news release template and printable bunting.

Please take a look at the kit and download materials from the link below. 

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