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Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held in St James' Hall (next to the Old Hall pub) on Saturday 9th April 2022 at 2.00 pm.

If any plot holder wishes to stand for election onto the Committee, raise any comments for discussion, submit any motions, propose rule changes, or add anything else to the Agenda, please submit via email to this address at least 14 days prior to the AGM.

It is the Associations practice to first elect a Committee, the Committee then choose the officers before the end of the meeting.

The Annual Tenancy Agreement is to be signed as you pay rent.

All allotment fees are to be paid at the beginning of the AGM and a voting slip will be handed out.

There will be no increase in the allotment fees this year.

Full Plots £60.00 per annum

Half Plots £30.00 per annum

Starter plots £15.00 per annum

Raised beds £7.50 per annum.

The Agenda and anymore information will be sent out nearer the time.


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