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UPDATED What's in the seed swap box?

Click to view the updated list of what's available in the Seed Swap Box.

The list is expandable and will show brief instructions when supplied by the donator. The list may change frequently so we apologise if items you wish are no longer available. You never know, you may find something you'd like better.

If you have seeds left over or wish to contribute some of your own - please do.

Tomato Gold Nugget

Bush Tomato

Small yellow cherry tomato

Sow Mid March

Donated by

Paul & Charlotte

Tomato Black Cherry

Tomato Tigerella

Tomato Flame

French Marigold

Kale Nero Di Toscano


Salad Leaf Amaranth Red

Sunflower Teddy Bear

Sunflower Competition Winning

Herb Dill

Borlotti Beans

Herb Thyme

Salsify Sandwich Island

Runner Beans

Climbing French Beans

Corn Cockle (pink/purple) & Corn Marigold (yellow)

Foxgloves White



Welsh Onion Seeds




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