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Suggested Jobs to do

The weather has been kind up to now but cold is forecast to set in, here are a few suggestions of jobs to do.

  • Cloche Vulnerable plants

  • Fold foliage over Cauliflowers

  • Collect and compost fallen leaves

  • Clear finished crops and compost, (Brassica stems will compost quicker if softened by crushing)

  • Winter dig empty beds, leave rough for frost to break up clays

  • Prune Gooseberries and Currants, if not already done

  • Plant bare rooted fruit canes or bushes

  • Pot up small quantities of favourite herbs to keep some indoors for winter use

  • Clean and disinfect Greenhouse, pots, seed trays etc

  • Consider additional Greenhouse insulation such as bubblewrap

  • Reduce watering of plants in greenhouse as growth slows down


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