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Pumpkin Competition

We are holding our Pumpkin Competition/Lunch on Sunday 22nd October at 1 pm. If you wish to enter the competition it is £2 to enter. There are prizes for the heaviest pumpkin, best carved pumpkin and best dressed/decorated pumpkin. We are holding it at lunch time as we will have the BBQ's out, Mary is doing a veggie/meat dish in the pizza oven which you can have a taste of, please bring your bbq food to cook and also your drinks, plates etc. Please do come along and join in. If you wish to dress up for Halloween please do so.

The new Dobies seed catalogues for 2024 have now arrived and will be in the Community Shed. Again we have the discount of 50% for seeds and 15% for other products including potatoes,garlic, shallots,onions, plants,bulbs and fruit. Our code is SUGD372X to use when ordering.

It is that time of year again when fruit trees, bushes etc need to be pruned. As per our rules no trees to be above the height of 2mtrs or 6ft. If you have any prunings that will be suitable for the living hedge at the top of the site, please leave them on your plot by your entrance and let us know so that we can tell you where to put them.


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