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Great Big Green Week 2023

Great Big Plant Swap!

In 2023 we are very excited to announce that the NAS will be a partner of the Climate Coalition for The Great Big Green Week 2023!

Between 10th-18th June, we will be joining institutions like RSPB, National Trust, The WI and WWF to drive positive action within the community and raise awareness of how YOU can help impact climate change!

How can you get involved?

During The Great Big Green Week, we want NAS members to swap unwanted crops with fellow plotholders, donate surplus plants to a local school or community group or even hold a big plant swap and invite the public to come and swap, donate or rehome plants at your allotment site.

What are the rules?

The first rule of the Great Big Plant Swap is we don’t talk about the Great Big Plant Swap…

No hang on, that’s wrong- you can get your posters and social media images to let everyone know you are taking part and where they can find you!

Apart from that the only rules you need to follow are those of your allotment site.

Download everything you need to get started here:

Keep your eyes on our Facebook & Instagram for more info and more excited announcements about Great Big Green Week in the coming weeks!


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