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Allotment Review Report

The Allotment Review Report for Lancaster District has been completed and is available to read online using this link:

There are also hard (paper) copies available in all the libraries in the district (reference only) and The Gregson (in Lancaster) as this is where the launch event was held. 

Please share the report widely. 

Below are some links to support and training that were mentioned at the public launch event on 9th June, provided by FoodFutures and the Closing Loops project. These may be of interest to you/your site. 

  • Compost training for plot holders and possibly some more tailored support for allotment committees on composting across an allotment site. Contact:

  • Outdoor cooking training/community cooking training (including preserving workshops). Contact:

  • Share the Harvest - the possibility to borrow equipment (telescopic apple pickers) and a small fund to run events, apple gleans, community fruit pressing.

  • Supporting Pots of Possibility allotment projects via promotion, networking and other support requests. Some funding opportunities. Find out more here.

  • Harvest surplus support from gleaners. Contact:

  • THRIVE- place to share allotment stories, recipes etc. Contact Jim at:

The wider FoodFutures programme of events, skill shares and other opportunities is available HERE and/or sign up to the newsletter.


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